Purge the unclean experiment

By DocIII, in Dark Heresy Gamemasters

In my present campaign I have run only two of the published adventures: Illumination and Maggots in the Meat (which I incorporated into a larger adventure) the rest has been missions/storylines of my own creation. At present my PC's are at the top end of rank 7 and/or starting into rank 8.

I am getting ready to run them through Purge the Unclean. As an experiment, I have decided to run PtU with no upscaling to account for the more advanced characters. I'm just curious as to how easy or difficult adventures meant for a lower XP threshold group will be for high end "Acolytes"

Will they just blow through these adventures like tissue? Or will they still have trouble? It will be interesting to find out.

I think the story and RP will hold out well enough, even if the skill challenges and specially the combat challenges will be a breeze. But I'd love to hear from you how it turned out.

My group just finished up with "Rejoice" in PTU and oh what fun we had!

Most of the acolytes were around rank 4 at the start and our group is admitedly a little heavy on the "abject butt-kicker" scale, but as usual several of them were pretty bloody by the end. The core of the group (meaning the players that never miss sessions) consist of two guardsmen, an assassin and a techpriest. The team is rounded out by a cleric and an adept. One guardsman is a massive pile of meat stuffed into some armour and considers great-weapons and eviscerators to be subtle tools of the trade. The other guardsman is a Cadian noble with a remarkable talent for "doing bad things to bad things" with lasguns. Our assassin is a hiver gunslinger and is pretty much what 40k would be if John Woo was directing. The techpriest is a navy veteran and relatively harmless at range, but never to be ignored up close and packed full of useful knowledge and cybernetics (5 mechadendrites so far!). Our cleric is a "black sheep" noble castoff from the Hades chantries: adequate in a fight, but a powerful social force. The adept is our newest addition and has yet to really make a big impact yet (hopefully to change soon).

We had to make due without our adept but still did nicely with the undercover and information gathering portions of the mission. Our poor cleric is a Scintillan noble with a rather distinctive hairstyle, so the poor girl had her head shaved for the undercover role (oh the drama!) and some temporary cosmetic modifications. The chase scene in the marketplace was very anticlimactic for us, as the assassin managed to get a rediculous overkill Emperor's Fury in the opening round. The battle in the Strophes' home was quite entertaining, as our techpriest ended up stuck in a dead-end room holding off hordes of baddies by himself as the rest of the team fought through waves of mercenary scum while half-dressed. Especially amusing was the big guardsman spending the entire fight in nothing but his underwear and the Cadian's running commentary on "unskilled amateurs". Inside the final lair on Ambulon the guards earned a bit more respect from the acolytes (who still slaughtered the heretics!), but had to pull alot of clever tactics and teamwork to deal with the supremely-annoying boss. In the end they managed a live capture of the final boss by systematically attacking and destroying his augmetics, literally reducing him to a head and most of a torso, then pinning the remains to the floor while the medicae-trained techpriest disabled his remaining implants.

Unless your team of rank 7-8 acolytes are a team of acountants and cripples who ritually battle using sharpened quills (best-quality primitive knives with the "writes" special quality) I would recommend toughening up the notable baddies for your team. They made a good challenge for my team, but yours has about 10k more experience (guessing here).

Our GM upped the ante for our characters even though we JUST reached Level 7 at the end of Purge the Unclean. The mutants in Baron Hopes were armed with bolt pistols and chain swords. He gave Morirr a plasma rifle for the Hazael's Cross fight and had him wielding the Krak missile launcher at us at the Ops Centre! (Best. Dodge. Ever. My power armor would have been no match for THAT.) Then again, I suppose he is a bit of a sadist. demonio.gif

Ophilia Midkiff said:

Then again, I suppose he is a bit of a sadist. demonio.gif

... who gave you a power armour, sounds more generous than me gui%C3%B1o.gif

... who gave you a power armour, sounds more generous than me

Rank seven Sororitas from an Order Militant without Power Armour? Er... right.