Jin the chaos mariner!!!

By theboogerman, in UFS Deck Building

Here's the list for my current chaos Jin project...


4x Jin Kazama*


4x curse of the ancient mariner

4x Zi Mei's wheel kick

4x demon slayer

4x wild storm


2x scroll of the abyss

1x Acheron and Nirvana [i'll be getting another to add in soon.]


4x ascending zephyr


4x for the money

4x maniacal laughter

4x treacherous offspring

4x Mishima family bloodline

4x the hunt is on

3x merciless fighter

3x Mishima Zaibatsu leader

3x controller of souls

3x need to destroy

2x chasing after the power [i'll be getting a couple more to add in soon.]

The main kill in this deck is the combo on curse of the ancient mariner to powerful the hell out of my opponent. the deck isn't totally reliant on it as just playing a string of attacks backed up by merciless fighter and Jin's ability is quite nice as well. any thoughts or suggestions? I'm all ears.

If i were running this deck id probably be running wild storm as well just in case you ever run into a time when you cant get your jins out and you need to get more check modification....its also a high attack so it combos with curse

I actually like this premise... I think Curse is one of the most underutilzed kill conditions out there but one of the most potent.... sadly for it Chaos High Attacks are a lil lacking at the moment

I think you build looks good... only thing i can suggest off hand is Communing with the Ancients.... Im not usually a fan of it as its a 3 Diff with no block but its synergy in here is really good

What do you think about Shadow flare? Its a plus 2 (net 0) to your Curse of the ancient mariner powerful check. Also I agree with Wild storm for sure. Demon slayer doesnt seem very important at the moment, just cuz there arent many enhance cancels. And theres no good reason to main Poison touch. Side for Tira, thats all you need.

Took out Zhao Daiyu's poison touch and added in wild storm. I'll likely be testing and tweaking the deck some more come tomorrow.

Funny you post this, I was talkin about it with Target X and Hatman this tuesday.

2 things. I like Evil Mist, they bait blocks, pack a +0 mid block and stun 2.

also, I would have a look into Shadow Flare. They will screw your oponent's CC if you block with them and count as a modification of 2 (if you succeed with the E and deal damage) for the Curse Powerfull modification.

They also make it harder for your oponent to block.

Packing 4 more 2 checks could justify running Dread Pirate to recycle your stuff. (high block for mirror match)

I'd put Demon slayers in the side deck. If you use the discard effect, you'll make it harder to combo and it's not vital for survival.

My 2 cents basically.

Shadow Flare is an absolute must.

So, I helped a friend remodel his Cervantes deck today and I must say, First right -> shadow flare -> High attack (ended up being Evil Mist or Wild Storm) -> Marineer is a sweet combo. I broke someone with a 52 damage Marineer, good times.

The point, put in shadow flares. /echo Marco