Reprint Request for FFG

By jcikal, in Battlelore

Is FFG going to reprint the OOP expansions (100 Years War, Marauders, Skirmishers, etc)? If so, will they be exact duplicates or will they make changes to their cards like they did with Rock Elemental (used to be Earth Elemental) and Forest Giant (used to be Hill Giant) and on both of those cases, they also fiddled with the abilities for each (They're both on the upcoming Creatures expansion).

I hope they keep everything the same, and also am looking for new stuff. This OOP stuff smacks of Games Workshop/CCG stuff. FFG has always been about gaming, not collecting.

Anyone know anything regarding the OOP stuff (I'm trying to decide in getting Battlelore but "searching for rare OOPs" is a big turndown for me since I'm a completist and hate having to search for the stuff or pay exorbitant prices on ebay (when and if the stuff becomes available). I'm into gaming, not collecting (reason I'm passing on Space Hulk and Axis & Allies Anniversary)