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First off, sorry for not having posted in like, months, been plagued with work :P

So yeah, I've been playng Hilde for the past month or two, and everytime I hear about anyone else playing her, it's always the same thing: Dual-Wielding and the biggest attack you can think of. Personally, I don't think this is a particularly good strategy, as it makes you completely predictable, and it leaves you wide open to characters like JJ and Rashotep, not to mention Valued But Not Trusted. I think there's a level of predictability that comes with the territory when you play Lady Von Krone, in that your opponent knows you're going to be running damage reduction, but that is as far as it needs to go as far as I'm concerned. You know King's going to run throws, you know Astrid's going to run Weapons etc etc.

The trouble with Hilde is that people who play her all run her the same way, as I've already said. However, I think people forget that one of her own cards gives her massive potential, without needed to rely on her at all; Lightning Horn. Lightning Horns' as a combo means that you can run more attacks in your deck in order to apply pressure to your opponent, using Hilde in smaller doses (more on that in a sec) before you're ready to pull out the big gun. I don't like the Dual Wielding option because it's too reliant on having Dual Wielding in multiples in your hand. You'll also find that the damage output on Lightnnig Horn + Hilde is in fact much greater than it would be had you used Dual Wielding. There is of course, the possibility of running both, although running Dual Wielding means that you break up the combo before Lightning Horn. In my own Hilde deck, I don't run Dual Wielding at all.

Going back to using Hilde in smaller doses, why is it that the attack you use Hilde on has to be the attack that kills them? Why not just use Hilde after using just her, and perhaps one Shadowar, meaning that you'll get +6 +6, draw a card, and get +2 to your next check. Last time I checked, thats pretty bloody good especially if the attacks you run have Stun on them, like Hammer Of The Gods or The Boot. This sort of pressure forces your opponent to try to kill you, lest they end up dead within the next turn or two, while you still have the rest of your damage reduction to protect yourself. Why waste everything on one attack, when it could end up going wrong and you end up dead because of Hilde's fragility?

So then, how many Hilde players are there around at the moment, and do you run it the Dual Wielding way? If so, feel free to argue your point against what I've said, although I'd like to think that as many people would agree with me about Lightning Horn as they would disagree with me :D

Shhhh. I've been running Hilde for 3 months now, and I left Dual Wielding in the dust after two weeks of play with it...

It really all depends what attacks you run, currently I run 2 Dual Wielding, and the secondary reason they are in there is to generate card draw with relentless or to be discarded for -4 from Astrid's shield, or to be another keyword for P2P. I also run 3 Siren's Call, so having 2 Dual Wielding just makes sense. Base 8 = 16 damage from Dual Wielding, have P2P and 6 keywords, you are looking at 1 commit and the action for a 22 damage attack (+ Hilde is at least 23). Some Ultimate Teams and this is over. You can even have your last enhance with Siren's to knock out P2P because it doesn't do the nasty until the block step...

If you don't run an attack with at least 7 base damage (i.e. we are talking if you don't run 2 checks, not counting launcher because it just makes the difficultiies all higher) then you don't run Dual Wielding. Instead you run Aura of Strength (better difficulty, check and block). At least that is my opinion.

I also run plenty of variety in attacks and kill with attacks after the Hilde unblockable, 2 Lightning Horn and 2 Dragon's Flame, i.e. my deck kills in all sorts of wierd and interesting ways... And yes, it is really easy to pass a 7 for the Flame or Horn after getting +2 or +4 to the check from Shadowar...

- dut

Agreed that Dual-Wielding is a card that I thought would be much better than it is.

ROTBI said:

Agreed that Dual-Wielding is a card that I thought would be much better than it is.

Now... Once good gets enough support to be viable... Wrath of Heaven on an 8, DW on a 5. Ok, how would you like your 25 damage attack?

All depends on your attacks, there is a reason it is an uncommon and Aura is the rare. One is better in MOST cases.

- dut

A friend of mine is playing hilde as a reversal deck of good. He is abusing the hell out of enemies now friends, (and if he get's it out his one copy of shadowar)

I learned to fear his chidisruptors.. Block, commit one and then reversal.. with hilde it's quite nasty speed and damage attack