need help with set 4

By Morbidsanity, in Agrabah Bazaar

hey everone i decided to to sell my sets, but i am a little behind and would like to catch up

i need the set 4 promos and all of set 4 :P

i have a lot to trade from the first sets as well as older promos

cards i have for trade are


sora 1 foil x2

sora 3 foil

donald lvl 1 x4

goofy 1x2
goofy 2

ariel 1 x3

bambi lvl 2 x2

bambe lvl 4x2

dumbo 3

dumbo 4

tinkerbell 3

tinkerbell 4

genie 4

sally x3

hercules 1 x2

hercules 3x3

beast 1

beast 2

peterpan 1

peterpan 2

hades x2

clayton x2


caption hook

oogie boogie

the cheshire cat x2



fairy god mother


disney castle



foil promos


sora halloween town x2



non foil promo

flag sora

riku x10

sora x8 atlantica

simba x 9

tinkerbell x 9

and i have like every rare

oh sorry its not just the 3 complete sets is a all the cards i have which include lots of promos and like 54 foils and lots of rares

by the way I meant 500 hundred, but I would also trade for drum equipment

Morbid, if no one is interested in your whole collections, I would be interested in purchasing any of your extra Aerith, Cloud, Sephiroth, Dark Riku SR, and The King. Let me know if you don't get any interest on the whole collection then. :-)

well i haev like 60 foils and ansem and promos that are not part of the set, but the ones you want are, just give me a list of the cards you need and we can work something out.

e-mail me a whole list

ok i decided not to sell my sets, i just got busy with school lack of money, and got pretty behind with set 4, so if anyone has like doubles of set for they would like to trade or sell let me know

i need them all

also are their any new promos? since flag sora?

i told you i'm behind :P

ok i decided not to sell my sets, i just got busy with school lack of money, and got pretty behind with set 4, so if anyone has like doubles of set for they would like to trade or sell let me know

i need them all

also are their any new promos? since flag sora?

i told you i'm behind :P

There have been a couple of promos since then. Set four included the Foil Event 1 Promo in booster boxes, the non-Foil version was released at GenCon. Also at GenCon there was a Foil and Non-Foil Snow White promo. There was an erroroneous printing of a Sora with 5 HP Lvl 2 that Roxas had started calling the Sora Awakening Promo. I liked his name for that one so I am totally stealing it :-) Not sure if there is anything else that you are missing as far as promos since I am not positive of the timelines of when they were released.

As far as duplicate set four stuff, I have duplicates of everything but 4 uncommons (Rai, Pence, Phil, and Cave of Wonders Guardian). Other than that I have everything available for trade from that set.

As I had stated previously, I am looking any Sephiroths and Clouds in particular but also the Dark Riku SR, Aerith, Goofy and Donald lvl 4 SRUs, and The King. Also certain promos like Non-Foil Riku, Foil Simba, Foil and Non-Foil Sora (Atlantica), Non-Foil Daisy Duck, Foil and Non-Foil Cid, Foil and Non-Foil Snow Whites, and Non-Foil Event 1 cards.

Take a look at my thread and tell me what all you are interested in and if you have any of the stuff available for trade that I am looking for :-)

i would like to get all your doubles that you can trade, as for the SRUs the only one i have for trade is Ansem, i have like 5 non-foil mersora's well basically i have like 5 of each non foil promos, like simba, tinkerbell, riku, mersora, and i have 2 halloween town sore promos, and like 60 random foil cards, i have dark riku non foil

But i would like to get the promos and duplicates

Well, I can sell/trade all of the doubles. I don't play since there aren't any players around here. Basically I just collect and I have one of each. If I am trading though I am only looking for things I want or have high tradability like the aforementioned promos and SRUs. But I can sell stuff as well. Why don't we take this to e-mail to discuss further. [email protected]


the forum is pretty quiet

Yeah, we were all commenting on the fact that it probably has to do with the fact that High School and College are both back in session and people are too busy to play games *sigh*

Anyway, I got your e-mail but haven't had a chance to respond yet. I'm going to TRY to get to it tonight as there are a few things on there I am interested in. Sorry it's taking me so long to get to it and respond!

You can check my trade thread to see if there is anything you want. Just post in my trade thread what you want and maybe we can work out a deal. :)

here you go :)

Set 4

Sora lvl 2 R x1
Sora lvl 3 SR x1
Sora (Valor Form) SR x1
Sora (Wisdom Form) SR x1
Ansem lvl 10 SR x1
Roxas lvl 1 SR x1
Mickey Mouse lvl 1 SR x1
Minnie Mouse lvl 1 SR x1
Diz lvl 1 SR x1
Captain Pete lvl 0 SR x1
Donald Duck lvl 4 R x1
Goofy lvl 4 R x1
MeAlice lvl 0 SR x1
Hercules lvl 3 R x1
Aladdin lvl 3 R x1
Jasmine lvl 1 SR x1
Pinocchio lvl 1 R x1
Jack Skellington lvl 3 SR x1
Dr. Finkelstein lvl 2 R x1
Beast lvl 3 R x1
Jack Sparrow lvl 3 R x1
Simba lvl 3 R x1
Yuffie lvl 2 SR x1
Leon lvl 4 SR x1
Auron lvl 4 SR x1
Firaga R x1
Blizzaga R x1
Thundaga R x1
Kingdom Key R x1
Pot Spider R x1
Pete lvl 2 SR x1
Search Ghost R x1
Sea Neon C x1
Pot Centipede R x1
Phantom SR x1
Behemoth SR x1
Crescendo R x1
Cerberus lvl 6 SR x1
Wizard R x1
Parasite Cage SR x1
Wyvern R x1
Jafar-Genie lvl 8 SR x1
Hades lvl 8 SR x1
Destiny Islands lvl 2 SR x1
Twilight Town lvl 3 R x1
Agrabah lvl 1 R x1
Hundred Acre Wood lvl 1 R x1
End of the World lvl 2 SR x2


Cid lvl 1 NF x1
Cid lvl 1 F x1
Tigger lvl 1 NF x1
Daisy lvl 0 NF x1
Daisy lvl 0 F x1
Kairi lvl 0 NF x1
Kairi lvl 0 F x1
Event Card 1 F x1
Event Card 1 NF x1
Snow White F x1

Tip Card

Tip Card #1 x1
Tip Card #2 x2
Tip Card #3 x2
Tip Card #4 x2
Tip Card #5 x2

oh and the x card lol

Well, I'll trade the last 4 Tip Cards and The End of the World SRU from Set 4. But I'm not sure what'd I'd wnat.

wow thats it? i was hoping for more help than that

The only things I see are the Fairy Godmother and Disney Castle and believe me I'm scanned this list

lol scan it again buddy :P

don't want doubles for trading?

would you do leon and yuffie for them?

hi i am interested in your peter pan lvl 1 SR and then kinda Disney castle SR and non holo flag sora

i hvae alot of set 4 and i know i have doubles of some of the cards your were looking for from set 4 and the promos you wanted. let me know if you would be interested in trading those cards i listed for some of the ones you listed. if your willing to trade ill compile a list of all the set 4 extras i have and then we can work from there. email if you want becasue i check that way more often.

hey man e-mail me at [email protected] I already traded the disney castle but i have the other 2 and would trade them for the promos from set 4, i'm not sure what the promos are though, but i do need them all :P

can you remind me what the promos are? and we can work something out

Sora lvl 1
Genie lvl 4
Alice lvl 0

I'll be back

who wants to buy my collection?

how much and whats included?

email- [email protected]