By uchiha itachi, in UFS Uk Forum

is it just me or has UFS gotten slowly worse over time?

at the moment i'm almost at the point of quiting the game because all there is to play is aggro and that takes no skill to win with what so ever, also im sick of versing fire and earth decks all the time, all of the fun games i used to enjoy have just been sucked out of the game, for some people playing against hard lock control was boring but i liked to test my decks against them because it was a fun match that lasted more than a coin toss and deck shuffling time.

anyway enough with the ranting sorry :)

Take a look at the Sheffield November events thread, like most of the UK the Sheffield player group has now switched to legacy as its main format since if people don't play broken decks it's a lot more fun?

You could try playing more legacy in your area?

I actually have no problem wityh the new format whatsoever, I think it's fine and good fun as it is, if a little on the one-sided side. Thats all due to the lack of card pool at the moment though, which if I remember rightly, was in such high demand because of how control-orientated it was. Admittedly, we could do with a little more control, although it is possible to build something that's controlling, you just have to think of it slightly differently. If you have access to things like Paid To Protect an Stand Off, you can go with a damage control deck. Kilik is somewhat controlling, in that he controls his opponents attacks. Zhao Daiyu, while something of a seeminlgly one sided deck, is controlling. A friend of mine has built a Zhao Daiyu deck that's full of surpises. Kazuya, through personal experience, can be very controlling indeed off Death (yes, I know he's better off Chaos, blah blah blah). Instant destruction through himself, Destruction In His Wake, which is better than it looks, Devil Gene, Need To Destroy, Undisputed Ruler, Demon Slayer, the list goes on. Rashotep is a control deck through and through. The options are actually a lot bigger than people think there is. Just look outside the box a little :)

What you need to bear in mind is that the current block is made up of cards that were meant to be used in conjunction with block 3 (you remember, the format that was slowly killing the game and making people quit). As a result it has little control (but definitely not none, see Joe's examples) because there was way too much of that out there already and a lot of aggro (which wasn't really a viable option in block 3).

So what we're playing in right now is a bit of an incomplete format, expect more control (though hopefully not as extreme) in future sets that have been designed to be part of block 4 rather than block 3.

That said, I'm loving the new format. UFS has got back to what it's meant to be, a FIGHTING game. Control-heavy decks really didn't do anything to capture what this game's meant to be about in the first place.

thanks guys, legacy will probably be what i end up playing if i carry on, that and pre-release's as they are always fun