Tieh Lei, Iron Thunder

By Ziephnir, in UFS Rules Q & A

lets say i have something like 2 Striking thunders and 2 YSTC(Yi Shan's Tiger Claw) in my momentum face up. i use the E:s on my 4 attacks in the momentum giving my current attack 2 Stun:1 s and +4 damage. can i play TLIT and "recycle" the 4 attacks and get another 2 Stun:1s and 4 more damage?

to sum up:

does the act of discarding the momentum make the game "forget" that i played the E on that specific copy then come back acting like a fresh one?

it worked with reanimated putting it in the hand but the discard pile is a public knoledge zone so i wasn't sure.

Yeh, that works the same as Reanimated.

Yes, the cards leave play so the game's memory of which card's done what is effectively lost