Translated Spanish League Scenarios are now UP

By Weyoun, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Ok, this is the second and final thread I'm opening about the subject; I'm doing this as I thought not many people would find out about it unless they read a clear topic title; so here goes.

As requested, I've translated all 10 scenarios from the Edge Entertainment spanish league into english, and uploaded them in EON format to boardgamegeek. You can find the link in the Arkham Horror page, but here's the direct link to the first scenario:

I've also added the links to the other scenarios in the file description of each one, but unfortunately for some reason I was forced to include the complete text link next to (instead of "into") the scenario name, which doesn't look too good, but... that's the way it goes.

Hope you enjoy them. I'm sure there's bound to be lots of questions about the rules of the scenarios, but... don't ask me, I'm only the translator! gui%C3%B1o.gif

It's interesting. Like the English league the difficulty levels bounced around. I think the hardest one was actually the one with Aboth. The tenth scenario with Azathoth was actually much easier than the 10th scenario in the first English league *much* since all you have to do is deliberately let the ancient one wake up, beat it, then you can clear off Azathoth's doom track. I'm very interested in these sorts of dual ancient ones though (I'm working on a herald— Janus, that will allow two ancient ones to be activated simultaneously).

I also really liked the scenario where Gilman was going around the board sacrificing allies ;') I don't understand why spending five clue tokens should slow down his ritual (it doesn't make any sense to me thematically).

just downloaded these, havent looked through them yet, but first i must say thank you for your hard work, i take it i need to download the strange eons tool, to read, which i did, thats a lovely program as well happy.gif

Wow, these look really cool!

Thanks again for the translation - they should keep me occupied for a while gran_risa.gif

I hate to Necro post

I went to BGG to download the 1st Spanish League scenarios. They download fine except the following files:

Sc5-WGPL Back….
Sc5-The Road to Sentinel Hill.eon
Sc5-The Dunwich Horror.eon
Sc5-Doom Token.eon
Sc5-A Good Lead.eon
Sc5-A Bad Lead.eon

I get this as an error message when I open them in SE

Unable to Open Sc5-(see above).eon


Does anyone have the eon files on these scenarios intact.

please let me know.

Hello, i am playing that league right now and had the same problem. The files are fine, the problem is that the version of the Strange eon program i was using was the newest beta and it dont support those files, dont know why. Try with the latest STABLE release is older and worked for me just fine, is in the same page:

Hope this helps.

It worked. I started with the stable release and upgrade all to way upto alpha 12. Thanks.