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With the limitation of only 1 hero per zone what happens if a player or an opponent puts another hero in to a zone that already has one?

examples: a player has a hero in his battlefield and brings another hero into the same zone thru a tactic or during the capitol phase

an opponent plays a tactic and moves a Hero from one zone into another zone with a Hero already in it

There's nothing clear about it.

If we follow a logical design interpretation I'd say: you CAN'T move a hero on to a zone that already has one. We can see it has a "play restriction". If there's a Hero in a zone, you CAN'T play another one from your hand...Floowing this concept, you CAN'T "bring" a hero where there's another one.

The doubt comes from the fact that MOVING on to a zone is not like PLAYIN'. In this second interpetation, we'd say that: if two heroes end up staying in the same zone, you have to sacrifice/destroy one of them...but here we have a "game reaction" (destroy/sacrify) that's a bit too complicated to manage without a FAQ...

Now, using a good ratio of games wisdom and logic, I'd rule it in this way: let's use the rules of Uniques. If you have a Unique in play, you can't play, put in to play or take control of a card with the same name. Apply the same idea to the ZONES for the Heroes and you have a simple and (to me) efficient rule.

IMHO, obviously.

Then, let's wait for the FAQ. :)

Yeah i quote Cooper, i think those are really nice "house rules" since we don't get official rules about those situations..and the first part is just common sense as he said, so as long as you want to play the hero you just can't. Things changes if you have to move him, but i still think that you can't actually do the action. Example:

Player A has Thyrus Gorman in his Battlefield and another in his Kingdom Zone.

He uses Forced March to move the one in the Kingdom Zone into the Battlefield Zone.

He can't do the action.

In fact, Hero cards has the text " Limit one Hero per zone ", not "don't play more then one hero in a zone" . It just says you cannot ABSOLUTELY have two heroes in the same zone..so i think that this player can't just do that action, because if he moves his Hero it will have two OR, as Cooper said, he has to choose to destroy one.

That's because it says it's a limit of Hero cards, but no-one says you can't just PUT two Heroes in the same zone; you just can't HAVE two. That's a little reeeeeally big issue, hope to see some official FAQs about it =) .

I'm not sure I see the difficulty here.

If there is a limit of one Hero per zone, and taking an action would violate that restriction, you just can't take that action, no matter what it is or who is trying to take it. Where could we get any interpretation that would allow it to move but force one to be destroyed?

The wording seems pretty clear. It's not "If there is more than one Hero in this zone, sacrifice Hero units until there is only one." Any action which would place more than one Hero in the zone violates the restriction. You can't do that in the first place, so there's no need to wonder how it would be resolved.

That's what we got, in the end :)

We were just tryin' to make an analysis, maybe dumb, but still an analysis. gui%C3%B1o.gif

Are you sure that the condition "only one Hero per Zone" is valid for both zones. Eg. Both battlefields? or only for my own Battlefield?

Eiferer said:

Are you sure that the condition "only one Hero per Zone" is valid for both zones. Eg. Both battlefields? or only for my own Battlefield?

I can easily swear that it's valid for YOUR OWN zones. YOU own and control the card, so YOU have to "face" the consequences of the text gran_risa.gif

Your battlefield is a separate zone from your opponent's battlefield (hence the references to "corresponding zones" on cards and in the rulebook). If you have a herro in your battlefield, your opponent can still play one to theirs and vice versa.