Looking for good starship pics

By Malkavianmadman, in Fan Art

Now im not an arty person, i couldnt draw a box to save my own life. But i am looking for some space ship pics to represent diffrent things in RT, and havent been able to find any. Has anyone actually found any good ones??

and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Well you could check out some of the artwork for Battlefleet Gothic by games workshop. Just go over to www.gamesworkshop.com and then navigate to the "Specialist Games" section and then to Battlefleet Gothic, and then look under "Resources for Battlefleet Gothic", and you should find a hefty number of pdf files.

These are all the rules that have so far been released for BFG and they contain illustrations of pretty much every vessel (both Imperial vessels, Chaos vessels and Xenos vessels).

While most of the illustrations are in black and white and most of them will probably not be artsy high-res pics, I believe they would serve their purpose if you need something to show the players how a vessel or something looks like.

thanks, im just glad you didnt say go to google, since i already have and couldnt find much.

Again thanks

No prob.

Also, most of the pics in the Rogue Trader rulebook are recycled artwork from BFG. In fact if you check up on the different vessels in BFG and correlate them to the larger pictures in Rogue Trader you could pinpoint what type of vessel most of the RT pics depict.

That way you should be able to make a distinction between all them, near indistinguishable, flying cathedrals that Imperial vessels tend to look like. gran_risa.gif

A good place to try is on Renderosity. If memory serves, you may need to create an account, but 'tis free, and you shouldn't get any spam.

I do a little 3d imaging in what little free time I have, and just finished up some Battlefleet Gothic themed ships.


These were done up using google sketchup 6.0 and the Chaos Cruisers are both modular so you can make them into what ever ship design you want. From left to right a Blood Angels colored Battlebarge, two Chaos Cruisers a Murder and a Slaughter, a chaos Infidel raider, and a Firestorm Frigate. They are in scale to each other with the frigate being 1km in length. I also have a Blackstone fortress and Imperial cruiser hull in progress.

Look here for some art and for some awesome ship tiles and floorplans to use in game. Not as "gothic" as I'd like some of the ships to be nor anywhere as BIG, but these are good places to start!


Thank you............

There are a lot of Battlefleet Gothic fan art pics on Deviantart


Also try searching on Warhammer or Rogue Trader. There is actually some original concept art for the FFG books on there, too, as the artists have accounts themselves.

Just asking, anyone have 'deckplans' for Void-Ships? I mean, what's 'inside' them? Are there really 'cities' there, or gigantic machina with narrow alleys and gangways?

Thanks in advance :D

Deckplans for Imperial ships would be massive, though there are a few here and there. The FFG site has a partial deckplan for an Inquisitorial Blackship, but other then that, not that I know of. I generally just throw in mood pics and use old Traveller deckplans if I really have to.

Hi, folks! My first post here, btw.

If you need plans at all, I'd say; make up your own. And just don't try to depict every single locker room and not even every single deck (ships have several dozens of those...), as this would take AGES. Rather divide the plan into the most important sections. The Rogue Trader Core and Into the Storm books both contain a lot of nice artwork showing how the interior of an imperial void-ship might look like (especially keep in mind the quasi-13th century medieval french gothic atmosphere), and also in the above-mentioned Battlefleet Gothic and Warp Rift supplements there's a lot of interior stuff (also how macrocannon reloading halls looks like, that's in the BFG core rule book, if I'm not mistaken - those things are MASSIVE).

Concerning proportions, there is everything from cramped narrow passages and air conducts to macinery halls and auger domes several hundreds of metres in height and width. In the end, it's all up to you...

A great BFG gallery on Deviant Art by ~The-First-Magelord