Lt. Fights

By evilshima, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

Is there any requirement on where the LT. is setup for Lt. fights? As it stands it seems a little odd that the OL can basicaly chose to fight the heroes bloody them up a bit with the Lt.s reninforcements and then set up the LT. so they are just one move away from leaving and as such just book it. That sounds like its setup porly as if the OL really doesnt want to risk the LT at all they dont have to and can still do real dmg to the heroes. Mabey I need to play as the OL a little more to see that its fair but making it so if the OL can hurt the players without risking anything is a little odd to me. If this has already been covered please let me know.

Just wait until Silver or Gold, when the party is killing *everything* on the board before the OL's first turn. It happens...


No, there are no requirements where a LT must set up. Now, this may seem unfair to the heroes, unless you are playing the Eternal Night plot and the LT in question has a quest item. Forcing him to flee makes him return to the OL keep (which can be important in any campaign) and drop his quest item, which can easily render Eternal Night un-fulfillable.

Cooper Lt's are pretty weak and easy to kill, once they are dead they are gone, so the OL has to be able to place them as he wants, to ensure they don't get toasted. (My Lt got toasted 2nd encounter), its expensive to replace a Lt.