Incorperating Master Nonsuch into Tattered Fates (SPOILERS)

By ira2, in Dark Heresy Gamemasters

Master Nonsuch escaped the House of Dust and Ash, and hes a wonderful Big Bad for my PCs. So I would like to incorperate him into the events of Tattered Fates, the question is how. Any thoughts?


At the very least, he's in the crowd at the end. He nods and smiles at the acolytes while resting on his cane. He's there for the same reason he was at the auction, to see what kind of threat Haarlock is and to deal with him if possible.

The Slaugh want to cause discord amongst the Imperium to allow their terrible race an opportunity to the short term his goals are aligned with that of the Pilgrims of Hayte, causing as much destruction as possible.

Of course the Slaugh are also the exact type of xenos that the Beast House might ally with to provide them with new xenos spieces from the depths of the Halo Stars.

So maybe Nonsuch is working for one side or the other or maybe he is playing both sides off against the other. At this stage the PC's will have a lot to deal with let alone trying to deal with a Slaugh as well so maybe Nonsuch feels it is time to cut his losses and destroy both parties. Hence in this scenario he might actually help the PC's.

The end all goal is to make Master Nonsuch the true Big Bad for my acolytes. So perhaps he will be an unknowing-unwilling ally, but not before mortally wounding or crippleing one of the acolytes. Im looking to make their hate for him more then the simple "Xenos scum needs to die". But somehow he would be a rather useful character to help bail the acolytes out if they really mess up.

Perhaps he wishes to deal a significant enough blow to the Beast House to weaken them and bring them under the influence of the Slaught. Aiding the Widower's plans to destroy Xicarph (and therefore many of the Beast House's best customers) from the shadows is a step towards fulfilling this goal.

I would not "define" his goals to much until the second and third (final) episode of the Trilogy reveal what Harloks Legacy is REALLY all about.

After all, you want him to be a BIG BAD one. So, it would be best if he KNOWS what he is up to. Perhaps he knows about "the Face" and wants it for himself / the Amarantine Syndicate.

So, the Carrion-Eater his species is, he waits for the others to fight and kill each other... then, he moves in and wrests the Face from the remaining group.

Make sure he isnĀ“t there on his own. Make him have some Slaught Infiltrators with him. This ensures that he will get the face most surly...