Missing Game Pieces

By Terraneaux, in A Game of Thrones: The Board Game (1st Edition)

Is it possible to by replacement game pieces from FFG without having to buy the entire board game again? I ask because after the third time playing this game (which I love btw) I've somehow managed to lose one of the House Greyjoy order tokens... so can i order those cardboard sheets or am i sol?

You should contact support. I have heard multiple times of FFG replacing missing or lost game pieces.

From what I've heard, they've got an excellent reputation regarding this sort of thing.

Where/how would I do that exactly?

I love it so far, though I've only played it three times. I like that there are no dice, I like the way you can overextend yourself by having too many troops, the factions all use the same rules but play very differently due to starting locations. Honestly, my favorite right now.

Thanks man. Definitely on my wishlist (and not only because it comes from the books)

They do have an excellent support. In the past year, me and my friends (and my school gamin club) have issued 4-5 mails of needed replacements and we all received them quickly and free of charge. All hail to Taad Powell and her customer service.

Thaad and co rock for getting replacements. Try sending Thaad an e-mail, though I don't remember the address.

I bought A Game of Thrones but not all pieces were in the game.

I only got 3 green wooden knights instead of 4

I only got 4 red wooden ships instead of 6

and ... strangely... I got 11 black wooden footmen units instead of 10 (so 1 too many)

I mailed to "General FF" instead of to "customer service" about this. Wrong idea?

Anyway I hope there is a way to get the missing pieces because this is quite a bummer now that I noticed it during play


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