Over the moon

By Lightbringer, in Rogue Trader

Well, I guess I'm probably the LAST person to receive my special edition RT: I only got it yesterday, as I've been out of the country for 4 weeks. I love it! Think it's a great product, looks fantastic, yes a little bit of box damage, but nothing to obsess over.

One thing that immediately made me very happy was a passing reference in the background section to how some Rogue Traders place their banners and other objects in stasis storage on Belacane in the Calixis sector.

Sad, I know, But I was the one who wrote up the background for Belacane and created the concept of it being a forge world where stasis technology is commonplace. This was on the old BI website where you could write in with concepts for certain planets.

Seeing my concept adopted and run with in an intelligent manner that is true to the setting, whilst also advancing it was a genuine pleasure. And seeing my concept in the RT rulebook was a bit of a thrill!

I hope FFG get around to creating some more opportunities for fans to write ideas for worlds up,and have it rendered "canon." This stuff is addictive! happy.gif

Hah, I noticed that bit of flavour. Good work, and it's cool that they added it.

First: congratulations! I'd love to had something I created come up in print one day...

Second, can't we start some kind of community project to come up with descriptions for a bunch of planets? It could even be a competition, with the best 10 being compiled into a fan-made planet booklet!