A very quick monsterousnesque question

By Hemux, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Hi everyone, had a nice arkhalloween horror ?

Just a question. We had a tiny argument yesterday with a monster, the Lloigor. I was at the unnamable, and the Lloigor was at the Unvisited isle. It had to "move". So I said "pfew, me not taking any hit from him", but someone thought I had to. I insisted and showed him the text but he still had some doubt. You do confirm my position, dear fellow players, right ? I mean, adjacent is adjacent, not 2 squares away.

And man, playing with Nyoghta became very annoying since the whole addition of the 6 expansions brings so much more "a monster appears !" cards... we lost two invests yesterday thanks to that ! Who said dilution dammit ?! :D

Cheers !

well i think your right, adjacent is next to not 2 squares away

You are correct, the Lloigar only affects you if you are in a space connected directly to him by a line. When he appears in a location, this is not often too bad, but if he appears in a neighborhood with several connections, eek!

when i first saw the monster, I immidiately thought 'neighborhood' as well, so I can see where it comes from. However, you are correct, only ajacent spaces are affected.

Thanks a lot, guys ! see you next skill check :)