commiting momentum

By Ziephnir, in UFS Rules Q & A

since it came up and he haasnt seemed to put it up yet i will.

can perfect sense of balance commit momentum (specifically coming up because of Yi shan) since at some point i believe we established that momentum is in the staging area.

that being said if for some odd reason someone commited your momentum by some other means could you react with a perfect sense of balance to them playing the effect that would commit your momentum.

basically, are we remembering correctly that momentum is considered in the staging area?

Momentum is not in a staging area. It is a separate in-play zone.

see also: Cards that reference "the number of cards in your staging area".

keep in mind too that kazzy doesn't blow up momentum. Kind of makes F w/ Communing (multiple times if possible) + F with kaz + Unnatural Grace + lightning uppercut good