Yog-Sothoth Assist

By The Professor, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

The "slumber" text states "...the difficulty to close or seal a gate increases by one."

Does that mean that the Investigator must roll two successes OR that the printed difficulty modifier changes e.g. R'yleh -3 becomes -4?


The Professor

2 successes are required.


That's what I love about this forum ~ quick-turn responses.

Thank you very much!

The Professor

And "the difficulty to [...] seal a gate is increased by one" ? Ten clue tokens ? :) Two elder signs required ? :D That one always got me wondering.

"Difficulty" just refers to number of successes on a check. I suppose the wording "to close and seal" was included just to be complete, although you do seal gates with Elder Signs and no check is required.