Rochester,NY UFSPTC Dates and Basic Info

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Just wanted to get the basic Information out for the Rochester,NY UFSPTC

Date: March 27th, 28th

Location:Millennium Games and Hobbies

3047 W. Henrietta Rd. Rochester,NY 14623

Friday March 26th- $5 Standard Tournament for free entry into the Main Event the next day, and pack prizes also.

Saturday March 27th- The main singles event will happen Saturday March 27th starting promptly at 11:00am est.

Will plan to play out Top 8 on Saturday to not conflict with any person or groups travel plans.

Sunday-will run sealed deck, legacy, Teams or any format players want to run.

Benefits you will find about Millennium Games and Hobbies-

Free Parking

Many places to eat within walking and driving distance.

Great lodging locations available.

Store Located right off the New York State Thruway.

Have any additional question just send me a E-mail at [email protected]

I'm Jesse Cervini, I will be one of the judges for the event, and I will post more info including cost (plan for that to be the same as other UFSPTC stops), Special prizes as they are acquired, and also check out our stores website .

Hmm...many months away, gives me time to save up =D. If the usual entrance fee is 20, isn't shaving off 15 per person kinda...big?

Also, what's fun to do in Rochester? I absolutely hated NY, NY, so I sure hope there's something cool in RC.

Too bad many NYC players won't make it.. My guess is me and Omar being the only possibilities and thats not even likely..

We will definetely attend.

Marco, we have garbage plates in Rochester. Just as awesome as you are thinking lol.

I don't blame the people from NYC for not coming here, cuz I wouldn't go all the way there either.