verminspeacker questions

By the 8 spider, in Dark Heresy Rules Questions

from france

sorry i don't have time to developpe it but here a sample of question aboutthis classe.

- the beast it can control cannot' have more than 19 hit points. okay does that mean that the beast cannot be large? lmore healty? or if the beast is reduce to 18 wounds because of combat injury can it be controlled because it is too exausted to resist?

- if a creatures has more than one qualitiy witch one really count because if you look closely somme demon and xenos have also the beast quality. if find it very weird to control a deamon beacause of his beats quality.

more question latter this classes puzlles me

The way i would rule it, is that the power cant be applied to any creature of the warp, so demons with the beast trait not be affected by the power. For creatures a verminspaker can control, the wound limit is the creature starting wounds, not its current total. The name of this elite advance also suggest to me that they can only control smaller creatures of their enviroment, things like cannines, felines, rats etc. They appear to be the 'pied pipper' of the 40k universe.

Hope these ideas help.

i took the Verminspeaker as listed at is face value. i did personally embellish on the class a bit more expanding powers and so forth. to be succint in answering your questions.

yes it is based solely on the creatures starting hit points.

no i don't believe that it was intended to deal with creatures of the warp. that said as a part of my rule expansion I am allowing such a thing in my campaign. creatures of the warp are malevolent but some still have the Bestial trait nonetheless. its a matter of power progression in my campaign. trning one creauture or a few on themselves or masters can be rather fun to play out. mind you having a felid as a companion will draw some eyes. a creature of the warp as a companion will call down hellfire on the Acolyte, his fellows and his Inquisitor. also creatures of the warp suffers from instability anyway.


from france

well there is another point does the verminspeacker need to see the creatures he control? if no than it can control the skin stalker (beast option). if not his first power give him the possibility to etablish a link with any creatures and he don't need to see it. so if he can see by the eyes of a creatures he can see the position of the creature and than use his "domination power"?

if am right here than the posibility to control such creature as the skin stalker make the vermin speacker a overpowered classe. because a skinstalker is a very dangerous foe.

The 8 spider.

It does also say in the power description that the GM can impose other restictions on the power. I would suggest that the vermin speaker has to see the target of his power, and the power does not work through the eyes of a controled beast.

Hope this idea also helps