5 player variant?

By Orwell, in Ingenious

Our friend likes to introduce new games when he goes home for the holidays. He really likes Ingenious and wants to spread the joy.

Unfortunately, he has four siblings. So, he either has to figure out a way to play Ingenious with five players, or he teaches them how to play and sits out as an advisor.

Has anyone ever done Ingenious as a five player game? If so, what changes did you make? Or what changes can you suggest? Reduce the number of tiles in hand? Expand the board to add a "phantom" ring to the outside? Reduce the number needed for an Ingenious? Obviously, he would need another rack and score track.

Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.


I'd pick another game if you have to have 5 players. With higher numbers, the luck factor ratchets up. I only play 4 as partnership to keep this under control. If you're bound and determined to play with 5, I'd suggest checking out BGG. If it hasn't been done there yet, it hasn't been done anywhere. happy.gif

Thanks for the input.

I won't say he's morally committed to getting them to play Ingenious, but he really likes the game and is sure they will as well, which is why he's trying to find a way to do it.

I've looked on BGG and have not seen any suggestions for 5 player, which is why I came here.

If BGG doesn't have it, then it hasn't been done. gran_risa.gif

I can't see how a 5p game would work. Tiles would run out too quickly as would board space.