RtL: A Terrible Nightmare and Ghost Armor et al.

By Parathion, in Descent: Journeys in the Dark

The non-combat Incident card "A Terrible Nightmare" inflicts four wounds on each hero, ignoring armor, reduced by surges rolled on two black dice.

Could a hero prevent any these wounds by using ghost armor or elven cloak or the like?

Especially Ghost armor would seem a bit unfair, since fatigue is always immediately restored after the encounter, so that would be a complete protection (except for the poor few heros that have less than four fatigue maximum).


Edit: Same question is valid for the damage caused by a Tavern brawl.

Had the same thing come up in our game last night.

RAW it's legit to use Ghost Armor, since it works against Pits and Crushing Block and the like.

We house ruled that the Tavern Brawl is perfectly fair for it to have been used, but Nightmares I suggested that the player with GA be forced to start at a loss of fatigue in the next encounter. He was all for it... But I would love to hear someone else's opinion on this one.

By RAW, it looks like the dude wearing Ghost armor is immune to both if he has at least 4 fatigue. Sucks, but then again, not every hero has Ghost armor.