Chaos-only Deck - First Deckbuilding attempt

By Margalus, in Warhammer Invasion Deck Building

Hi guys! I'm still waiting my Core Set to arrive but i'm already playing some games with my friend's set..

My brother wants to play Chaos and, even if i love dwarves, i tough i would try to make a deck for him(Chaos is the only faction i haven't saw in-game yet).

This is not a "use this pwnage deck" wannabe thread, it's more about me and you workin' togheter on a Chaos deck(if you want to), because i didn't saw any in this section.

Here's the actual list.

Capital: Chaos

Units: 30

3x Festering Nurglins

3x Nurgle Sorcerer

3x Savage Gors

3x Chaos Knights

3x Savage Marauders

3x Servants of Khorn

3x Dark Zealot

3x Fledgling Chaos Spawn

3x Melekh the Changer

3x Valkia the Bloody

Support: 21

3x Shrine to Nurgle

3x Sadistic Mutation

3x Horrific Mutation

3x Cloud of Flies

3x Forgotten Cemetery

3x Contested Fortress

3x Contested Village

Tactics: 9

3x Seduced by Darkness

3x Blood for the Blood God

3x Flames of Tzeench


I made this deck without testing it many times, i'm about to start some games now to see how it works.

What do you think? It uses a large amount of Corrupt combos and such..but this is my first deck so i'm sure it has a lot of errors. Tell me what do you think =)

Answering my self feels sad but ehy, who cares?

I actually tried it in some games(not much, just three) against one of the Orc decks posted here, and mine suffers too much the lack of "destroy supports" cards. That Orc player(my brother) had three Contested Fortress in play so it was really hard to deal "permanent" damage to his capital. I put all the useful cards in 3x but i'll try to lower down some of them and the "destroy support" cards.

I still hope to recieve some feedback about this Deck, i want to improve it =) . Plus, i'm working on a Dwarfs-only deck(which will be the one i'm gonna play), but that's another story gui%C3%B1o.gif


I feel that 3 piece of both heroes are too much... maybe that could be lower.

Use the neutral card to destroy supports and/or maybe the orc quest. :)

BTW I think if you could corrupt his defenders then 1-2 point damage reduction should not save him. Also, I think warpstone metorit is useful if your opponent won't corrupt units.

I hope my toughts will be usefull. :)

Thanks for the answer =) !

Well, in the last playtesting games i lowered the number of the heros at 2x each.

I also changed the neutral cards pool(as you suggested), but i still haven't tried the orc quest. I'll try to put it in the deck and see how it works ;) .

I'll try the new cards soon, thanks for your help^^

really should have 3 nurgles pestilence with your 3 shrines of nurgle for massive corruption... just cast it during combat to corrupt all enemy units.. well, all SURVIVING enemy units.

and blood thirster is just too cool, always have one or two... if you cant afford it, just use it as a development for your gors.

Thanks for the tips, they're really useful ;)

I'm tryin' the deck and it's working better now, i'll post the updated list soon =)