Warlocks Quests: Gain one Strength/Craft

By Canadianized, in Talisman Rules Questions

One day with Frostmarch, and already ran into some interesting scenarios, so pardon the mass of new topics, but I figured it'd be easier to search answers for others this way.

2 new Warlock's Quests say "Gain one Strength" and "Gain one Craft." My friend wondered if it was satisfied when you get an item or follower boosting your stats (he got the ring and wanted to complete his quest), or whether is was restricted to gaining a strength/craft point only. I ruled that is was cashing in trophies to gain a strength or craft that way, and he just wanted clarification. Did I rule right, or was he right?

I would probably go with gaining a Strength/Craft counter as completion. So trading trophies, gain via Spell, Temple, Enchantress/Fairy/Phantom, etc. all would go.

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Yeah, same. I considered objets/followers as "adding," not "gaining."