Differences between Creatures and Original Promo Creatures

By jcikal, in Battlelore

Is there a difference (besides the name change) between what I would have gotten with the original Promo and the new Creatures expansion? Does the expansion also come with the 2 tiles that came with the original promos along with their reference card for each tile? (Circle of SUmmoning and Rock Pile).

Also will there be more lore cards, new tiles, and creatures/heroes/figures, etc for 2010? I'm undecided as to whether or not to get into Battlelore, I like the system but I'm not sure how committed is FFG to it. Will the expansions be sporadic, or will they come more frequently?

From what I have seen and heard, they will have the same sculpt, but will be different creatures (banner colors are different). The Wood Giant will be a weaker (2d damage) than the Hill Giant (3d damage), but the Wood Giant will have a greater move ability. The Rock Elemental will be stronger (4d damage) than the Earth Elemental (3d damage). The Creatures expansion comes with two tiles, I assume they will be the Circle of Summoning and Rock Pile. Also, the cards will probably be the same.

I can't speak as to FFG's commitment to Battlelore. However, I don't see the purpose of getting the rights to a game if you aren't going to do anything with it. In addition, FFG is already planning a reprint of the base game. So, I would suspect they will be sticking with it for a while. Regardless, even if no more expansions were produced, there is already a lot of expansions for Battlelore. If you like the system, it definitely a game you should pick up.

I'm eager to see what FFg have in line for ext year as I reckon all the bases are finally loaded (Epic, CtA, Heroes, a nice selection of critters and medieval Lore version) a really really (perhaps a 12 - 18 months late by the time they're all out) but I reckon Battlelore will fly now (and seeing how FFG make RPGs as well I wouldn't be adverse to seeing a game based on the game world)

The thing I like about the critter pack is the monster variations don't seem to be suffering from power creep which really bodes well for all the races touted by Richard Borg as having been played with for a while among the playtesters.

hopefully 2010 will finally be the year Battlelore lives up to its promise.


Wasn't there some "official" talk about new races for Battlelore shortly after FFG announced their purchase? I'm sure I read it on the forums somewhere but I don't remember the details. Then again, maybe I'm thinking about a "wish list" from a BGG forum.

Mr Borg came on to the forums and dropped a list of races, elves, orcs and lots others plus news of dragons and creatures packs so the way is clear for 'race releases'



The Monsters pack is basically being made to appease certain malcontent players (like me) who struggled to obtain the promo figures first time round, as well as noob BLers, whilst at the same time, tweaking them slightly in order to draw in the guys (and gals) that did. Clever move really. Either way, both parties win as they can use either the minis they have or the ones they will get in this pack in order to play two variant beasts.

Also, note that there are four monster cards in the critters pack - the 4th being the much sought after Troll creature card, if I'm not mistaken :)

Good job to FFG for resolving DoW's mistakes, I say.

sirvolkar said:

Also, note that there are four monster cards in the critters pack - the 4th being the much sought after Troll creature card, if I'm not mistaken :)

I can't recall where I got it, but I was under the impression that the 4th card was a Blue Banner Spider.

Blue Spider? Really? That's possibly even better than the Troll card as it adds a new creature alt to the game :)

I heard that the troll card will actually be in the dragon box. Not te Creatures box.

I have the promo creatures and plan on getting the ones in the box set.

I just started playing battlelore in late August.

Bought the promos on ebay, one for 5.99 the other 11.99

Elberon said:

hopefully 2010 will finally be the year Battlelore lives up to its promise.


I hope so too.

A new fantasy race idea would be neat. Orcs, Elves, undead, lizard people! for example. Maybe have a set to play Goblins and Dwarves as a seperate faction using CtA army build cards. My friend and I created a Orc-Viking faction that we are still working out the kinks.

And build up the historic side of the game. One of the reasons I love this game I can switch from real to fantasy easily.

Hear Hear. The way the Battlelore system is setup, you can make just about any type of war (real or otherwise). I bet you could even have Zombies (they're always popular) as well as western setting or outer space wars. If FFG exploits the system properly, they could have a great bread & butter property in their hands. If they decide to break Battlelore into a multi-war system.

The earth elemental is not required to be removed from the board if it isn't ordered, unlike the rock elemental, correct?

No, he gets to stick around. The "use or lose" approach to the Rock Elemental is his drawback for being a mega-hitting Level 1 Red creature-feature.