League play (finally) announced!

By wampa8jedi, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

I most definitely am.

One question, is the pack available to buy even if you are not a store owner? Because that mat looks tasty... happy.gif

I'd like to know that too, would love to get hold of the mat and binder. But I am not usually able to get to any tournament games, (live in middle of knowhere!)

I'm not worried about the binder, as I have it already! Got it in a release event a couple weeks ago. gran_risa.gif But it's the mat that attracts my attention...

Maybe it's the former L5R player in me, but I'm more interested in the story....

I hope this ends up getting posted by FFG and kept up to date...

And what about foreign countries?

echtalion said:

I most definitely am.

One question, is the pack available to buy even if you are not a store owner? Because that mat looks tasty... happy.gif

I think not, but if you know the guy from your local game shop you could use his shop as "base" for the shipping and your name for the "referral", so you'll recieve the kit.

I have one question. This is my very first FFG game and also my first LCG. I knew a bit about LCGs and self-organized communities, but what those those kit and "League Play" ? Why there's a kit with it?

Sorry for the n00bness =/

league play generally means that you play with others from your store for a preset time (a month or so) tallying up wins and losses, winner get prizes. That is a very simple description but their are all sorts of variants to league play.

Ok so i guess the "limited card pool" means that, in the future, it will be restricted to Core Sets right? There's only the Core Set out now so that wouldn't make sense for now..

Anyway, if i understood well, you'll record the games and send datas at FFG at the end of your local League Play so they'll decide which one of the two cards print watching which one of the two factions won most games..right?

Last thing, if my Local Game Shop won't support the game(there's only Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh players there so far >.< ) is it possible to me to order the pack as "private player" and organize a League Play with friends? I have like 10 people only between my friends who would like to do it.. but if our store won't support the game what should we do?

P.s. It's not i want to order the pack and keep the prizes for me, because they already red the page and know what's inside..i just want to support and promote the game, and also play League events and such.

Hopefully the voting (however it's going to work) results in Teclis winning the votes as his power is more needed in the game and he's clearly a more integral part of the history and back-story of the Warhammer Fantasy setting. I like the Changeling card and hope we see it show up in the game later on, anyway.

I absolutely agree with you, i also wanted Teclis to be part of the game..i just have a question: why did they plan to print an High Elf hero card(which is missing in the game since both Elves races are not "released" yet) and not a Dark Elf one if the detruction "wins" ?

WooHoo!! Exactly the kind of announcement I was hoping for. Now, if I can just find a bay area store to support it...