Talisman 4ERR (Retro) Cards, Part 2: the Mages, et al

By JCHendee, in Talisman Home Brews

Once again I begin another group of cards in my ongoing 4ER "Retro" series, this time focusing on mages and theurges. See my LiveJournal article on these for an explanation and additional instructions. The first card's mechanics are directly from Talisman 2E/3E. The second is from 4E. The third is my alternative take with a small new twist, though it might require some further tweaking. Right-click and "Save" or "View" any card to access its 300ppi printable version. Once all cards for this Part 2 series are complete, I will package them along with documentation for collective download.

Stranger_Witch_2E3E.jpg Stranger_Witch_4E.jpg Stranger_Witch_4ERR.jpg

The Witch artwork is very nice gran_risa.gif

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