official lcg/ccg cards in play

By Darknight4, in CoC General Discussion

ok guys, i have the official ruling on ccg/lcg card mixes in decks,

it doesnt matter whether they are the same cards or not, sanctioned coc events are all lcg white bordered cards, including core set and aps,

some older groups allow mixed black and white border events, but all official ffg events are white border only.

wow!! not even the same cards are allowed...............................anyone want a huge pile of black bordered cards?

Thank you for that information.

no problem, if your gaming just with friends or a club that doesnt mind you can play any cards you want, so its not really dead, but all official tournys are white borders only..

im glad we got the ffg word on it so it clears everything up happy.gif

Well, now i feel sad XD

What do you think that will be in Stahleck? Lcg cards only? I think it's time to post a new card list m/

Thks mate!


not sure, but i think its not oficial event, as thorondor has listed some cards that can be used, check out the card available list on the downloadable "hapening event list"

in stahleck also blackbordered CCG versions will be allowed if the card has exactly the same cardtext. you will find a list of all relevant cards at the stahleck site

i dont see any reason not to use those cards (after all the only difference is the colour of the border). and as we have read here, the same rules have been applied during this years COC worlds.

It's the same in France and Belgium for official or unofficial games. Black bordered card reprinted are allowed, all languages are allowed two.
As said Thorondor, if you have the cards use it.