Tattered Fates

By Hereticool, in Dark Heresy

Has anyone heard anything about the release of parts II and III of the Haarlock Legacy?

I'm going to start running Tattered Fates this weekend but I was hoping the sequel(s) would be released in time for me to continue the story line. I've heard guestimates on the Radicals Handbook and people dreaming about Ascension but I've heard nothing about the status of the Haarlock Legacy sequels.

No, nor do I understand why they are releasing them in three books insted of one like Purge the Unclean. As a PC maby its just that Tattered Fates is a particularly long scenario, but I would also like info on the releases for the final two books of the Harlock Legacy, as my group should be finishing The House of Dust and Ash this sunday.

Also, so not to start another thred, how long did Tattered Fates take for your respective groups. Please dont provide any spoilers, just timeline.

Good Question Hereticool, and I hope you dont mind my adding of another question gui%C3%B1o.gif


Tattered Fates took our group around two games sessions of about 10 hours each to complete. The GM inserted a few of his own elements in to pad out certain areas though.

And frankly, our Acolytes suck... :)

Well since my group usually plays three hour sessions we should be fine time wise.

Okay, now onto the topic at hand.

Just want to lend my voice for Ross or someone to give us an idea on the release schedule for the two other parts, just an approximation.

I am holding off starting Tattered Fates as I really want to run through the whole trilogy in succession but not sure I can delay much longer.

In earnest:

As DH releases went in the past, I would not suggest to actually play Tattered Fates before all three are available.

  • you do not know how much time it will take
  • you do not know what the power level requierements will be
  • you do not know if the time passing between the two will stretch the "believe-ability" of the whole story

My final fourth point is: if the the second part will be "as much coin for only 64 pages" I will not start the game at all.

Well my groups plan is to freeze our characters afterthe events of tattered fates, and try out Rogue Trader untill the next book of the series becomes available.

Since nothing is listed for Dark Heresy on the Upcoming page after Radicals, don't hold your breath. Once upon a time the 2nd the 3rd installments were due out by now. Ever since Dark Heresy moved to FFG, each and every new book has shown up on the Upcoming page months before it reaches stores.

To be frank I was kind of dissappointed with Tattered Fates. There were points which seemed to rail road the PC's somewhat, (indeed the whole set up for the adventure was a bit of a rail road....) and it didn't really explain what was really going on very well. At some points it seemed as if the PC's were merely bystanders to some wierd events.

Personally I am going to wait and see what the next one is like before buying it.