Question about shadows in legacy play

By soma2, in 2. AGoT Rules Discussion

I came across this building a legacy deck that contained The Black Cells (cost s1) in the house deck and The Battle of Blackwater Bay in the plot deck. The plot card effect is that when you win a military challenge you search your deck for an in-house locaton with printed cost 3 or lower and put it into play, then shuffle your deck. My question is:

1. Would I be able to choose The Black Cells, and

2. Would I put it into shadows, or skip that step and put it directly into play without it ever being in shadows?

I assume it's the latter, but I want to get a second opinion. It might be that a situation like this could come up in a non-legacy deck, but I haven't taken the time to flip through all my cards and check.

From the Shadows rules:

"(Shadows) cards must first be marshalled into Shadows, and then brought into play from Shadows at the appropriate time. (Shadows) cards cannot be marshalled directly into play.

If the value of a (Shadows) card’s “printed cost” must be determined (because of another card effect), the value is determined by adding the cost of playing the card into Shadows (two gold) to the cost of bringing the card out of Shadows (as shown on the card)."

So, we are instructed that the "printed cost" of an "s1" card like The Black Cells is considered to be 2+1=3. That means it does indeed meet the "printed cost 3 or lower" restriction on Battle of Blackwater Bay and could be put into play by the plot.

And it will go directly into play; it will NOT go into Shadows first. Battle of Blackwater Bay puts locations "into play," and "in Shadows" is not "in play," so the plot cannot put any cards into that state.

What you have to realize is that the rules for Shadows do not say that Shadow cards can only enter play by going through Shadows. They say that when you "Marshal" a Shadows card, it has to go through the "in Shadows" state. But they do not restrict any other "put into play" effect in any way. So while you cannot take The Black Cells, pay 3 gold and it directly into play from your hand (i.e., "Marshal" it directly into play), you can use a "put into play" effect like the plot to bypass your hand - and Shadows - altogether by not "Marshalling" the Shadows card in the first place.