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By dj2.0, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Halloween is the coolest time of the year - my birthday. This Saturday I will be taking a stash of looted cash to my LGS in Berlin, looking to spend it on something fun to play with after the wind down of clubs on Sunday evening. Any recommendations iin the game dept? You know I have a great love of Arkham, and I already collect Cthulhu LCG and will probably stock up on new dreamlands cards, but I was wondering if there was something else out there too...anything could appeal if its good enough but I always like the scifi, horror and fantasy genres. So feel free to please tell me what you enjoy, and why.

Hmmm. Just Mythos related?

I have this and it's a lot of fun:

Especially if you like spoofs of RPGs.

I saw this in the game store the other day, and I wasn't too sure about it, but it looked interesting:

Apparently The Stars are Right is an English version of a Pegasus Spiele licensed game, so you'd probably be able to find that fairly easily.

If you're looking for NON-Mythos games, let me know I might be able to give you a few ideas there too...

i have seen some great fun spoof b movie card games by steve jackson of course, things like killer anima zombies etc, but i tell ya i just got which is really cool, its going oop now but you can still get all the stuff, blue moon

Im open to anything really. I do like boards, lots of components, complexity and the genres Ive mentioned. I will look at all suggestions I can find in the shop at the time.

have you got tannhauser?

nope, my board game collection is basically AH, Lord of the Rings and a truckload of old 80s games workshop classics like Talisman.

i love tannhauser, its really good, with loads of fan made stuff as well, hey its the reich and the occult

Any mention in there of Die Glocke..?

Well here are some of my favorites:

Settlers of Catan

Starfarers of Catan

Any version of Munchkin

Cosmic Encounter

Empire Builder, Eurorails, etc.

Last Night on Earth (I also have A Touch of Evil, but still have yet to play it, looks like an Arkham Horror like game you can play cooperatively or competitively).

If you can find Betrayal at House on the Hill it's a great game, but I think it's out of print.

Oh and Pandemic!

aha the bell, no but their is tesla :)

cool thanks guys I will look at all of these. happy.gif