Possible typoe I've found...

By CmdrBonesaw, in Rogue Trader Rules Questions

Just noticed a thing on my first read through the Core Rulebook:

On the page of the Astropath Transcendent, under his starting talents, there is listed "Psy Rating 2"; yet at the same time, it is buyable as a Rank one Advance. Shouldn't it read "Psy Rating 1" under Starting Talents?



I guess they start out of the gate at psy 2. They are the equivalent of a rank 4 psyker, and by then, you can bet that psyker has psy 2 already.

BTW, all starting talents and skills are duplicated in the first rank of the career for completeness.

Ah, my bad! So much for trying to be a wise guy ;-)

Well, the change from DnD has brought some complications - that was to be expected...