Deck Building using Starter Decks

By Darth Phil, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

I've just picked up Warhammer: Invasion from my FLGS and although I've not had a chance to play yet I've picked up one query about the rules. I've scoured the forums and net looking for an answer to no avail.

On page 8 of the rulebook the two 40 card starter decks are brought up to 50 cards with 10 of the non-alliance cards. Now the rulebook states that the 24 non-alliance cards are numbers 111 - 119. There are 3 copies of each card from 111 to 116 (18 cards in total). There are then 3 singles 117, 118 and 119. This brings the total to 21.

Am I missing some cards (according to the card list I found apparently not) or is the starting number of non-alliance cards incorrect? Or should the numbers be 111 - 121 which would bring the card count to 24.


That's ok. You're not missing anything. The neutral non-alliance card numbers are wrong. 111 to 121 = 24 cards.


Thank you!