Judgement in Dwarves

By LordMalinari, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

I was playing a few games last night against my brother with constructed decks (his Empire/Dwarves vs my Orks/Chaos) and I noticed that as he was running the Dwarf capital instead of the Empire one, the only reason I was playing foundations to negate the effect of Judgment of Verana was because I knew it was in his deck.

Is Judgement better in decks with the Dwarf capital purely because of the surprise factor, especially if you ramp resources to 6 and drop it before playing any other Empire units? Or would it just be a great splash into other order decks: a cost of 6 still seems pretty reasonable to me for what it does to an unprepared opponent.

It will only work the first time you play against someone.

But it is strong even for 6 res.

Not a bad "psychological" point, man, not bad... ;-)

But I'd put more effort in balancing loyalty icons...A surprising "judgement" is not worth a choice like this, IMHO.

It sounds like a good tactic, especially against unprepared orcs. happy.gif

I got caught with Judement again last night. Stupid freakin' &%^(...

My current baby is a Dwarven/Empire development-centered deck, and Judgment of Verena has been a great card to play in those games. It will always depend upon what cards you're making your opponent discard (essentially, how many resources are you making them waste), but there hasn't been a time I've played it where it didn't prove to be worthwhile.

I alaways assume that an order deck may contain a judgement and place at least one development in each zone. This is becasue I have had decent success with it even when my opponent knew I had it in my deck, but they forgot to protect a zone. Even if they place developments to protect against it, it can always be played as a development itself, so it is never a completely dead card.

My dwarf deck is currently roughly half empire, no daisy eaters though.

For my Verena should be in every order deck.

And I also expect in every Troll Vomit in destruction deck.

Argonel said:

I alaways assume that an order deck may contain a judgement and place at least one development in each zone.

Same for me. I also put 2 more developpments in my "main" zone (Kingdom for my current deck), in order to deal with a possible "Will of the Electors".