this game is dead ?

By lastthai, in StarCraft

starcraft 2 going to come out

do you think will there any update for this game ?

like 8th fraction ?(follow Dugalle)

I think you may rather expect a boardgame based on Starcraft 2 (the more people would like to buy expensive boardgame based on popular PC game than expensive update like Brood War). On the other hand, things like new Leadership cards are rather small add-ons, so that they would be cheaper and more people would like to buy them.

Think there will be no addon for StarCraft. If there'll be a StarCraft2 boardgame I doubt. But we'll see.

thank for answer me

can i ask some more questions ?

1.since dugalle is only one official additional factions. are there any home made faction that you think is ok ?

2.any official scenario downloadable(not in brood war rule book) ?

3.What is Dugalle special victory ?

gain 1 / 2 CP every time he destroy opponent's base ?

(i just read from somewhere he said that if has been buff to 2 CP)


1. All you have to do is making new Leadership Cards and in my opinion this is not very hard when you are a creative head. I think the existing leadership cards already are not balanced, so you can`t do great mistake. I think about it too but the only idea to implement one more faction would be zeratul with his dark templars as seperate faction. There are no more factions which would be worth for doing a new faction

2. i already watched out for new custom scenarios, but until now i guess there are only the brood war scenarios. I`m going to do some more scenarios based on the original campaign of starcraft but its not that easy to do that. The balancing of a scenario game is no easy work i think. further you got the problem that scenarios often fits to a specific number of players, we play often with three players.

3. Yes this seems to be the special victory condition of dugalle, isn`t tested yet by us, but sounds interesting. Of a change to max the CP for one destroyed base up to 2 points isn`t present to me.

Samir Duran would be worth it, as well as Artanis. Zeratul is already in the game, so...

yes as heroes indeed, but we speak about "factions" and either, duran and artanis hasn`t got an own faction. artanis, raszhagal and zeratul are faction dark templars, while alex, dugalle and duran came with the ued faction. your named heroes with an own faction make no sense as they are no leader of anything.