Tips for handling game bits with the Reincarnator (and other powers too)

By RobertDG, in Cosmic Encounter

In another thread about the (now confirmed) expansion, I noticed people discussing how to choose new alien powers for the Reincarnator. I thought it might be handy if ideas about how your game group handles unusual game component usage were shared here.

To recap the Reincarnator ideas, the key being that you don't want to shuffle the alien power cards:

1. cut the alien power deck once for the Reincarnator player. Then they can't tell where in the deck the Virus is lurking...

2. Make a chart of all the alien powers, and somehow randomly generate a number from 1 to 50 (or 70 when Cosmic incursion is released). Use that number to determine which alien to reincarnate as.

3. Use the (already shuffled) flare deck. Take the top card to determine what the next reincarnation is, and discard that flare when you've found it. This has the advantage of keeping the aliens in alpha order, but the disadvantage that the power will never have a chance of encountering it's super flare.

Do you have any other ideas about how to solve issues like this? More reincarnator tips? Maybe a better experience point tracker for the Warrior?

I actually don't have a problem mixing up the alien powers, but I can understand if other people don't want to.

Percentile dice is a pretty easy way to go.

I bet Toomai can come up with a chart that assigns you a power based on 12 different criteria.

We usually shuffle onlookingly under the table.