Unit leaves play after damage assign step

By Gast285244, in Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game

Hi there

In case a unit leaves play after the damage assign step, does the unit still deal damage in the damage apply step?

thanks for your help!

Usually, as stated in the rules, if we were talkin' about "effects", an effect for which we've paid for, kicks in the "chain" even if the source leaves play...Now, I guess that, if damage is assigned, there's nothing (except other game effects) preventing that damage to be "applied" one step later (it makes more sense with a "chain effects" mechanic).

I guess, to avoid this, you have to remove the Unit befor Assign step...

Using another point of view, we can argue about this...The distinction between Assign and Apply is important and funny because you can do whatever you want while waiting for damage to strike...And the fact that this distinction has been made, lets me think that assigned damage can be "ignored" if the "source" leaves play, cause it'll give more depth to this "division".

That's difficult...

But if it'd happen in my games, waiting for the FAQ, I'd let the damage apply.