Curious about Loyalty costs and dual-decks

By Wytefang, in Warhammer Invasion Rules Questions

Quick question -

1. Due to the way Loyalty works with Resource costs (i.e. you can pay the difference in Resources to account for Loyalty Icons that you do not have) - would you be able to play an Orc card without having ANY Orc Loyalty icons at all - just making up the difference in Resources instead? If so, that'll definitely make dual-decks a lot more palatable to play.

What does everyone think?

Interesting. I've always looked at it as you have to have at least one of the secondary faction's symbols. I thought the point of the banners was to make it possible to play dual-faction. However, it may just be to make it easier. I hope you're right.

I'm pretty sure that you can play the cards you want in a deck. The LOYALTY icons are a limitation itself to dual decks, making pretty impossible to play cards with 3/4 loyalty icons for the secondary faction, making Deckbuilding choices pretty deep.

I think is Loyalty is one of the funniest things in the game to care about and it's a narrative/functional way to impede powerful Dual/decks but still give the chance to play the proper cost. ;-)

Once you hace your Capital chosen, any card of the same side of your Capital's Faction (Order or Destruction) can be included in your deck (I suppose that cards forbiding that will be published in the future). Just take in mind that even for 1 Loyalty Cards, the first one you play will always cost you 1 more, so high loyalty cards are too costly for non-faction decks.

Remember that the a Loyalty icon for the proper faction is given from the Capital itself.

Yeah, that's why I'm talking about non-faction cards. angel.gif

Maybe I'm just slow today but only one of you worded your answer such that I understood what he meant. (No offense intended by that remark.)

Answer me simply, please - Do you think you have to have at least 1 of the Loyalty symbols in order to play a card OR can you just pay the cost in Resources to cover the lack of even a single Loyalty icon?

Yes, I'm aware that a Capital card provides 1 Loyalty icon but that doesn't address this question if I'm trying to play an Orc card and using a Chaos Capital. ;)

You can just pay the cost.

you can just pay the cost...

Okay, cool...that's what I had guessed based on the rules. I'm fairly pleased about that if it does end up being the rule. Makes dual-decks a bit easier. :)

You only have to pay the full cost of the card, regular plus the loyalty cost.

I think this could have been worded a touch more clearly in the rules. Let me submit this as the way to think about it and get the point across so everyone understands -

You are the High Commander of a race, you are protecting their capitol city from the invqaders as well as laying siege to your enemy's capitol city. Everyone in your race is at your beck and call sometimes it just takes a bit more pull to get the big heroes and armies deployed where you need them, but they are loyal and they will come, they just need the proper amount of logistical support to do what you ask. Now you also have races that are not loyal to you but generally believe in your same cause... or at least hate your enemy as much as you do. You can ask them for help in times of need but they are NOT loyal to you. You must do more than provide the proper logistical support, you must actually buy their loyalty.

In addition to this, you could actually create an alliance with one of the other races which means they do have some loyalty to you, just not nearly as much as your own units. You will have to make this difference up occasionally by paying their units more money, qafter all it isn't their capitol that is going to burn if they don't show up to fight.

Does that make sense? Even with zero loyalty icons in play for a race you may play any card of theirs by paying their normal cost and "buying" their loyalty (paying an additional resource for each loyalty icon). When you play an alliance card that counts as an additional loyalty symbol making it easier for you to play races whose loyalty is not to your capitol. Every unit you have in play of another race, the more loyalty you command and the easier it is to play subsequent cards from that race.

The only restriction to deck building or playing a card that is not loyal to your capitol is that no force from order will ever side with the forces of destruction (unless seduced away, i.e. by a take contgrol card effect) and visa versa, so you may not include any cards that don't match your side.