Warlock Quest question

By Daemon22, in Talisman Rules Questions

1. When i accomplish a warlock quest do i immediately teleported to the warlock cave?

2. If i can do i have to accomplish the quest or can i do it whenever i want (i.e if the quest is to give 1 spell and i have 1, do i have to do it immediately or can i save it to later?)

The rulebook is pretty specific about this.

Yes, you immediately teleport when you complete the quest.

Yes, you must complete the quest if you can - this even includes if you can complete the quest when you first get it. For example, you have 1 spell and you get the "deliver a spell" quest when you land on the Warlock's Cave. You *must* immediately discard that spell, thus completing the quest.

Also note that you cannot pass through the Portal of Power as long as you have an uncompleted warlock quest.

Thnax for the info :)