Core Set - Arrived: Thoughts

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Well, I got my 2x Core Set today, after 10 days.

I'm pretty excited about it and I think it would be great to have a thread like this for us and newcomers...For those who'd like to say something about it.

I'm VERY excited right now and satisfied for the purchase.

Big Box: Wonderful stuff inside

The aesthetic impact of the game is strong. Again the usual OVERsized box to contain something that would be fine in a smaller sized box. Anyway, the product needs some impact in a shop and that's it.

Four different deck-packaging, with cards sorted in a creative order ;-) A pool of tokens, rulebook and I couple of brochures I ignored ;-)

The only thing to complain about is the oversize.

Graphics - Wonderful as never before

I think I've NEVER loved a card design as I'm loving the WH:I one. The "no-border" choice is a good choice, even if scratches will make us scream to heaven and hell. The "illustrations" are "nicely invasive" and dominant, with a small and yet efficient text box. The Layout design is great, with well located card informations and easy to look at.

The number and choice of colours is "astonishing" as well as the cromatic tones chosen for the races. I saw some pictures but believe me: they don't justice to actual cards.

The cards - Good choices

I do love the cards chosen for the core set. Quantities are well balanced and it is the first well builded Core Set of the whole LCG environment. Good cards are 3x and other 2x. Some 1x were predictable, but that's fine. That's business ;-)

I really like the fact that good builds come out right from the CS and some nice little combos (not T1 kills, of course) are there to be discovered and tested.

Not sure again about Quests, but that's another point.

Overall judgement

I don't want to be a "judge", but I'm a customer and as a customer I like to say my opinion on a product.
Who knows me knows that I have criticism when needed, so I don't give compliments for free...

I have to say that I'm TOTALLY satisfied of this purchase. 2x Core Set, well packaged (even if I'm still upset for the over-size) and shown. Great graphics, wonderful illustrations and great functionality/aesthetic ratio.

Compliments, FFG and thanks for this great release.

I "insulted" FFG choices sometimes...Other times I've used lot of criticism...But when you deserve it, here it is.

Compliments. gui%C3%B1o.gif

Yeah I loved the box too. A lot of content, a good cardbase. It is merely a shame that a few of the cards are 1x only (bar the heroes, i'm fine with those being singular). And especially the neutral cards should have come with a lot more copies.

Yes. Alliance, i.e., could have been mutlitple-ed.

Hence for now I'll stick with mono themed decks.

I'll piggy-back into this thread, instead of creating a new one, as I picked up my W:I CS today. First minor surprise was that the Capital Boards were so small. Just had the impression they would fill the length/height of the box, not just the hole in the insert. Second was that the cards seemed flimsier than in CoC LCG and didn't have the same smooth/glossed feel to them. Well, both games went into sleeves from the get-go, so won't matter much, just a heads up for non-sleevers. Looking to crack a game or two today.

Capital boars are excactly as I expected them to be...But I think a smaller one could do the same job with no problems...Maybe a "folding" one, allowing us to put it in deckboxes. ;-)

Don't worry, just wondering... ;-)

Anyway, the cards seem pretty "thick", yes, compared to other card games.

Nice review! I'm with you, FFG did a bang-up job on this one. Couldn't be happier...well...unless they wanted to send me the next two copies of the core set for free...

Ehy neph =) !

I already red his review and it made mo so excited about the game, but also A LOT more impatient than i was xD !

Hope my Core Set will arrive fast, and nice job with the review =)

I've got to say I like the box. Really sturdy and great for holding all those extra cards (just throw away that flimsy insert.), you should never need to find an alternate storage solution! I thought the cap boards were a little unnecessary at first but after a few tight games yesterday (one with 11 damage in a single zone and 6 in each of the others) that extra space just gives you the room you need to keep the game uncomplicated.

Oh by the way... loving this game!

I'm keeping the currently and storing my Coc LCG and W:I Core Sets in the W:I box cool.gif .

Someone on another forum suggested keeping it just in case they got made homeless at some point!

Well I ordered the core set a 2nd time to be certain that I have a good basis of cards to work with.

Can't wait for the expansions to come out.

Darthvegeta800 said:

Well I ordered the core set a 2nd time to be certain that I have a good basis of cards to work with.

Can't wait for the expansions to come out.

Same here, too bad the first one has already been delayed =/