Working the Angle

By ellyssian, in Tannhauser

Earlier tonight, I played the "Work the Angle" scenario with my son ~ full session report on BGG under the same title as this post ~ and we had a blast.

While I was looking at what equipment to provide for Eva, I realized that Infiltration ~ which I made good use of in my first game ~ would break this scenario. In the first turn, as the Reich has the initiative, and the deployment is set, Eva would be able to waltz in and out of the front door, winning the major victory for the Reich before the Union had a chance to deploy. Anyone else notice this?

Oops ~ the scenario does specify that you can't use the Mental Pack to cover that very case. Need to work on my reading comprehension skills. sorpresa.gif

i was just going to say that,lol, no worries we all make mistakes happy.gif