Cosmic Incursion... Any old edition players able to list the (known) powers for the currently known aliens?

By Force1, in Cosmic Encounter

Between the official announcement and the product page, we have the names of 4 aliens (2 old and 2 new). Can anyone who has played the old editions enlighten me on the powers of these aliens as they are currently? Also... new aliens... speculate.




From product description page: consumes planets in one gulp

Nice to see the classics return:

Sniveler: Basically once per challenge the Sniveler can "whine" that he has the most tokens in the warp, or the fewest planets, or doesn't have a good attack card. Someone has to grant him what he is sniveling for or everyone loses what they have down to the Sniveler's level. For example, Sniveler only has 1 base, but all the other players have 3 or more. He can snivel that he sucks, and either he gains 2 extra bases (for free) or all the other players have to down to just 1 base (his level).

Fungus: *Love* this power! When you win a challenge (I think only as a main player) the enemy ships do not go to the warp. Instead, they stack underneath your ships. That ship is now worth however high the stack is (so if there are 3 ships underneath the Fungus' one ship, it's worth 4). Those tokens are trapped there until that ship goes to the Warp, then all 'fungused' ships are freed (in the warp).

Not sure what the new ones are all about...


Oh, and it looks like the Reward deck adds Kickers into the game. They are kind of like Reinforcements, but instead of adding, they multiply. Also, at least in the EON version, they are played facedown before the reveal in addition to the Challenge card (as opposed to Reinforcements playing after the reveal).

Not sure what Rifts are...


I would guess that Locust clears a planet of ships under certain conditions. Maybe when he loses as the offense he clears the attacked planet as a sort of retaliation? Might have a restriction though.

Magician probably does something with moving cards around.

Rifts could be a way to move ships around at extra times.