Dark Heresy Miniatures?

By HoundoCullan, in Dark Heresy

I heard a rumor that a line of DH miniatures will be coming out. I pray to the God Emperor this is true. There are a lot of miniatures for the old battle game but not a lot of them work for the roleplaying game (I dont think). A full line of miniatures specific for DH would make life easier.

With past forums and talking at GenCon, I am under the impression that miniatures are specificly NOT part of the licensing with Games Workshop so it is unlikely that we will see miniatures from FFG for DH or RT.

The best GW miniatures for roleplaying are the Necromunda line and the Witch Hunters/Daemonhunters/Imperial Guard and some of the Forge World stuff. Privateer Press (Warmachine) has some really good character types and others that just a little conversion work make wonderful miniatures. I recommend going to CoolMiniOrNot for great pics and tons of smaller miniature companies for ideas.


I have made a hobby out of building models for both my DH groups. I use mostly parts from IG, old Necromunda models and a lot of parts from the warhammer fantasy Empire range, the last ones are great for giving a both gothic and more civilian feel to the models. The Empire Free Company is my aboslute favourite for stealing parts from. I have also got an extensive collection small bits and pieces that I have left from nearly 20 years of GW-modelling, but today I find they are less and less necessary, because the boxes of 40k models already comes with a lot of good bits on the sprues.

The players characters will of course get the most time and effort put into them. And major reoccuring villains might be honoured by a personal model. Else I use models from my WH40k-collection to represent the various opponents. My genestealer cultist army (that has not been officially playable in 40k since the late ninties) is goldmine for various humans.

Agreed, necromunda offers great minis for both the underhive scum PCs and those you will end up fighting; plus guard, inquisition, and alot of human models from mordheim and fantacy offer a wide varity of oppertunities.. GW has been doing tabletop gaming far before a 40k rollplay came around, just use them.

Thanks for the input. I had missed the Necromunda all together. There are some great mini's there I think I can use.