Trade with TripsEX - Updated 10/27

By TripsEX, in UFS Trading

I follow the Ref. System. Right now, I think I am +12/-2 (negatives from international trades) and I plan on adding a lot more pluses. If I have a higher trade rating than you, please do not be offended if I ask you to send first. I prefer simul-send, but if you are new the forums, I would ask that you send.

I live in Milwaukee, WI. This means that I send to United States ONLY. I have been burned and apparently burned others in overseas trading, so I no longer am willing to do it. Unless I met you at Gencon or something, you're definately not getting a trade from me internationally. People who can expect me to send to international are people like "Viewtiful_Joe," "Loki," "Link," and whatever Danny Ole's name is.

I ship all of my cards in clear plastic sleeves, throw into the sleeve are a bunch of commons and stuff to prevent the cards from bending. Nearly all of my cards are in mint condition to near mint condition. If I am sending a card out that is not mint or near mint, I will inform you BEFORE the trade. I expect you to send your cards in a manner that will not damage them.

With that out of the way, lets get into it. I organize according to card type and then alphabetically. So, take a look see. I do have a lot of commons and uncommons, as well as legacy cards. If there is anything you are interested, give me an e-mail ( [email protected] ), bump this thread, or catch me on AOL Instant Messenger as ZeroOptionEX. DO NOT PM ME. I can check lists.

I also take cash.


3x Gianzende Nova and Frischer Himmel
1x The Ultimate Team
1x Tower of Rememberbrance - Encounter

3x Paid to Protect

Not a **** thing.

Xx Path of the Master 2009 Tokens


2x Ascending Zephyr
1x Ninja Tactics
2x Unnatural Grace
1x Flowing Strikes
2x Immovable Object
1x Acrobatic
4x Pillage
2x Aura of Strength
1x Test of Strength

2x Ostrheinsburg Castle - TWilight
1x Tower of Remembrance - Ancient Gate
3x Wonderworld Comics (UNSIGNED)
3x Tower of Remembrance - Degredation
2x Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time
1x Kunpaetku Shrine - Dream Remnants
1x Wolkfrone Monument
2x Wonderworld Warriors (UNSIGNED)
2x Reaver's Axe
1x Soul Calibur*
4x Pseudo-Soul Calibur
4x Path of the Master
1x The Double Crown of Egypt
1x Wandering Dragon Staff
4x Jaguar Mask
1x Designer Clothes

3x Rolling Sobat
3x Menuett Dance
2x Hades
1x Hades Destroyer
2x Dragon Punch
2x Shadow Flare
1x Mark of the Beast
2x Flinging Half Nelson
1x King's Reverse DDT
1x Close Throw
4x Double Face Kick
2x Midnight Launcher
1x Lower Celtis
1x Rhythm Halt

6x Tower of Souls
3x The Peaceful Way
2x Atoning for His Wicked Deeds
1x The Newcomers (UNRELEASED PROMO)
2x Temporary Being
1x Anger Towards a God
2x Cursed Blood
1x Intolerant of Failure
5x The Entertainer
2x Artificial Soul
2x Calming the Mind
4x Martial Arts champion
1x Quest of Souls
1x Quick Exit

1x Jonathan Herr. (UNSIGNED)
2x Hilde.
1x Zi Mei..
1x Bryan Fury.
1x Zhao Daiyu..
1x Ragnar..
1x Cassandra.
1x Astrid.
1x Rashotep..
1x Astaroth.
1x Yi Shan..
2x Algol.
1x Ivy.
3x Jin Kazama.
1x Lizardman.
1x Nina Williams.
1x Yun-Seong.
1x Christie Monteiro.
1x Temujin..
1x Cervantes.
1x Tira.
1x Lu Chen..

I collect and play other games including Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon TCG, and Inuyasha (shut up, it is the worst game in the world but I love Inuyasha even though it is totally Dragon Ball Z for girls) to name a few.

Um what catches my intrest is your Jin because he can be trade fodder for me. Also if your Martial Arts Champions are 5 point I'd be interested in picking them up. Maybe we could work something out.

BUMP. Updated with Pre-Release from Soul Calibur IV - Quest of Souls.

I got the Hilde asset back from my friend.

Have you thought of some sort of offer yet?

Um I do have the the Hilde asset and the ultiate team to trade. Your copy of The Necommers interest me.