(Good) Siegried

By Majingats, in UFS Deck Building

Siegfried* - (6/6 6HS 28Vitality +0M) x1

Cobra Clutch - (5/3 3H4 Throw +2M) x4
Cobra Twist - (4/3 3M3 Throw Combo +2H) x4
Hades Ax - (4/3 3M5 Weapon +2M) x4
Double Grounder Beta - (4/2 3L5 Combo +2H) x3

Ready To Launch - (3/5 +2L) x4

Cursed Blood - (1/4 +3L) x4
King Of The Ring - (4/5 +3M) x3
Memories Of A Nightmare - (2/5) x4
Hunt For Jin - (1/5 +2L) x4
Regretful Existence - (2/5 +3M) x4
Torn Hero - (1/5) x4
Bloodline Rebellion - (3/5 Desperation:1 +3H) x3
Hope For One's People - (0/5 +3H) x4
Atoning For His Wicked Deeds - (2/5) x3
The Man Behind The Mask - (0/5 +3M) x4

Giänzende Nova And Frischer Himmel - (2/5 Unique Weapon +2M) x4
Path Of The Master - (2/5 Unique +2M) x4

Side Deck
King* - (6/6 6HS 27Vitality +0M) x1
Flinging Half Nelson - (5/2 2H4 Throw Combo +3M) x3
The Entertainer - (2/5) x4

Here is my version of Siegfried. Alex (Insanoflex) kept pestering me to put it up and so I finally did. As you can see good build with a splash of earth only off of Bloodline Rebellion. Not too hard to actually get it in there since good and earth share nice synergy. Experimenting with Atoning For His Wicked Deeds since it has some nice possibilities. Side Deck as well lets you avoid the same symbol match up or the discard match up. Also if you haven’t noticed yet the only Shadowar card is Path Of The Master, but that’s because I despise Shadowar and have banned it from most of my decks. That doesn’t mean you can’t give advice about adding said cards because in the end it more than likely will run better with some constructive criticism.