Newbie question or two

By Smiley7, in Arkham Horror Second Edition

Just playing my first game and loving it, but have a couple of questions. I wonder if anyone can clarify.

Ending a move on a street/location with a monster, I have to evade the monster. On the next movement phase, if I want to leave that location, do I have to evade that same monster again before moving? I'm currently assuming I do. I suppose the logic is that you hide from it when you first come across it, but then you subsequently have to sneak past it if you want to move on. Two separate actions.

Also, I was in the first area of The Abyss and got a return to Arkham. Can I still count the gate as explored, even though I didn't actually "explore" the second area, too?

Now I better go seal that gate at the Witch House. Jings, that's one active sucker! Nobody warned me!!!!

you are right both counts. Get to the Witch House!

yep dj got their first but spot on mate happy.gif

One of the great things about this forum is the eagerness people have to help.

lol, i think that is very true dj, i play ooo4 ffg games, and this is the most used forum of those 4, and for that reason friendly and helpful,

Crikey! You post a question, go for a cup of tea, come back, and find there are five replies to your question. Amazing! Thanks for the clarifications, folks. 'Tis a fine forum indeed!