Card duplicates compared to other 2 LCGs

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I was wondering how necessary it was for WH:I to buy duplicate packs, boxsets etc?
In the other LCGs is it needed to do so? And will WH:I go a similar way?

In Agot I bought 3x Core Set and that has been a great choice for some cards, EVEN if most of my friends bought just 1 copy and trade some stuff (buying some single, as I did in other occasions).

In W:I some cards are 2x, others are 3x and there's a good balancin between "strong" and normal cards. There are some useful triple copies here, something that didn't happen in Agot.

From there on, I bought just 1 single copy of each chapter and purchasing/trading some singles I needed. Sometimes it's not worth the deal, cause the price of singles can be higher than the CP itself, but, other times, it's a solution (most of them are something like 0,50/1,00 euros).

About quantities, here, I'm not able (and don't know if anybody does) to say if W:I is a game where you can do some toolboxing (as I always do in Agot without any problem) or if you need to put 3x everything to make solid decks.

The FIRST thing i liked about agot is that I can stay in the 60 cards limit and still have the possibility to play lots of different cards (lots of 1x and 2x).

I can guess that Warhammer can be different from build to build, even if it seems more "standard" in this specific issue (more copies of each card, especially if you're running 60+ card decks). The fact that the rules themselves imply a minimum and a maximum size of deck, gives the idea of a pretty variable game, where nothing's certain in deckbuilding (i guess it has to do both with a pshicological and a "math" factor).

It depends a lot from what's your play style.

We can talk about Deck Sizes for days and then look at a world champion that's winning with a 100 cards deck.

Sorry if it seems I got a bit OT, but it strictly related to your question. This is a particular issue that bothers me too, even if I'm pretty sure I'm not going to purchase more than a BP per month.


Yep I agree. What pulled me in was the prospect of needing just to buy a single bp a month and still be able to stay in the 'running', capable of making decent decks that work well. But the way people on the forum at times talk it almost seems best to buy stuff several times.

It's just a choice.

In MtG you MUST have 4x of Bitterblossom to play Faeries deck (I make just a recent example, I'm not a player)...Here, in LCG in general, even if CoC is a little bit more magic-like about this for the "resource mechanic" it self, you CAN buy something.

As I said, with a single CP per month, I'm playing agot by a year now and I'm ok. Then, as I said, I suggest you to trade/purchase some stuff to complete the sets you REALLY need.

Maybe, in a year, you'll discover that you simply don't like a specific race. At that point, tarding something will be incredibly fast and simple in the LCG environment.

Yep, well for now I'm sticking to single copie purchases. ^__^

Luckily sets don't seem to quickly go out of rotation anyway. (unlike with Magic etc)

Yeah, I don't think we'll have strong/quick rotation. In some ways, it's against LCG politic.

I guess we'll have something like 3 years rotation, if any. But I don't bother...I'm not a fan of rotation.

I even mailed at FFG to say them: "Don't rotate anything." ;-)

I wouldn't say no to other 'large supplement boxes' though. ;) For 40 euros a large pack of cards and tokens is always fun!

Oh, yes, in the end, it does. ;-)

Darthvegeta800 said:

Yep I agree. What pulled me in was the prospect of needing just to buy a single bp a month and still be able to stay in the 'running', capable of making decent decks that work well. But the way people on the forum at times talk it almost seems best to buy stuff several times.

Ah, people talk that way on every forum. I just like the aspect of approaching the game from a different angle than a CCG and seeing how everybody does with the same box of tools.

The real difference (outside of the release schedule) is the lack of blind purchase model. The LCG format was never meant to eliminate multiple purchases, though they did an admirable job of ensuring it was not a requirement for competitive play, but it was too ensure you were able to get any card in print that you want, and however many you wanted to purchase, guaranteed. Any one whop has played a CCG for a couple of years understands how huge that is.

As a LONG time player of AGoT I can tell you that you don't need each product in the line x3 for a very strong competitive deck. You may want a certain card x3 that only comes x1 in pack but you can usually get around that without too much difficulty. The easiest way is to buy every BP x1 so you have access to every card so you can figure out precisely what your needs are, and if you come up with something really super that requires the includsion of one or more cards in that BP more than it appears in it, you can just buy a second or third, of just that pack. You can split the cost with another player in your play group (dividing the cards however you choose). Or you can trade for it from another player who doesn't play that faction.

I have the AGoT Core set x2, and out of the 18 supplement packs I have maybe 7 x3 and 5 x2. WIth this I have a MP record of 27 W 9 L. You really can make amazingly strong decks without owning every card in the game x3, and if you don't plan on being a tournament player, you can make fun and successful decks with each product only x1. I have absolutely been beaten by decks built like this. For those who want to play competively on a budget I'd definitely recommend league play. Everybody is in the same boat, restricted to the same choices. It is very rewarding to build a deck in this environment and test your best efforts against others, it really lets the creative juices flow and play ability shine.