A few copies of frostmarch on E-bay

By rapatpamp, in Talisman

I ordered a copy of Frostmarch off E-bay a few minutes ago. My store is sold out in pre-orders so wanted to let ya all know. gran_risa.gif

I saw it on ebay too..

One of them is a pre-order and the other one...could be a pre-order too ! gran_risa.gif

Anyway, i stick to my local shop here in the netherlands.

If something is missing in the Frostmarch box, or i have a double figure, then i can go right away to the shop gui%C3%B1o.gif

My old father bought one on ebay.

I think that it will arive after a week or so..

But i have order it here in the Netherlands.

I am afraid that i get double figures for the third time..