New here.... a few questions please...

By iGaveHimLife, in CoC General Discussion

Hi there....

I am new to this site and have a few questions...

I am interested in starting up with this CoClcc but what exactly IS a living card game? I am not sure of the distinction. I have been playing magic the gathering for near 15 years and understand collector card games... but as I understand this ... this is not the same thing...

So.. If I buy the board... and the "asylum" packs... each pack is exactly the same... so there is the same cards on each pack of the same name? Is that right?

I want to try this.. as well as buy a copy to send to my mate as a present for xmass.. but I was wounding about these asylum packs? Should I buy one of each? They are only 9 bucks... pretty cheap when you consider what I am used to with wizard. Or .. like a collector card game.. if I buy the same asylum pack.. say two copes of Call of Cthulhu LCG Asylum Deck: The Antediluvian Dreams... they have different cards?

Also I see one is out of stock.. dose that mean is is planned to be restocked or are those cards gone forever?

Anyway.. some small pointers and advise would be really helpful

Also .. on a side note I could not see how to upload custom avatars for this forum.. only select from pre-defined avatar galleries... is there a upload or link to offsite avatar I can use?

Thanks in advice

hi ya and welcome, c.o.c is a great game, i used to play the old version as well.

now living card game and ccg, many people ask that and really its to do a lot with how the game expands, ccg, random boosters no set cards in each booster, where a lcg comes out with set packs each month.

now i have LOADS of the old cards and most can be used, but saying that i still bought the box, its a great sturdy box for keeping all c.o.c in it, and its worth it for the extra cards the board and the cthulhu minis and tokens, so yes go buy one, :)

the packs are the same but by buying different packs its up to you then to find synergees between them all.

as for avatars, you cant...just the standard ones happy.gif

So instead of randomly winning cards and trading them to get rid of dupes in your collection a set of unique NEW cards will be released on a regular basis under a different name each time... witch you can used to make your custom decks?

Is that correct?

Oh and FAIL on not letting us make a personalised presence oh well...

yea thats about it, i mean im after some common ones at the moment, just because they are common, doesnt mean they are no good, but i canr get them at the moment, im sure i will soon

Welcome to CoCLCG! We have a very active game club in NYC, USA and we have developed a pretty fanatical following for LCGs among a group of very mature, long-time gamers (I've been at this for 40 years myself). We got hooked on CoC and A Game of Thrones, and to a lesser extent Warhammer Invasion. Here is why:

- The games are great, have depth and strategy, and are thus interesting enough to draw in gamers and newcomers alike

- You can play a reasonable game with just the core set, and then if you wish buy the expansions you are interested in, leaving aside the ones you aren't interested in. But you don't have to constantly be on the prowl for some card that only appears on a secondary market at a very high price

- The art and fluff are wonderful! I sometimes just look at the cards to look at the great art.

- The community is active and welcoming .... if you have questions or want pointers you will find lots of willing helpful people here ready to help out.

Good luck, and good investigating!