Prize Pistol & Daybreak!: what's FFG trying to pull?

By jgt7771, in CoC General Discussion

I know I'm just a "collector" and not a "player", but I've read enough card text to wonder why a Neutral card (Prize Pistol) says, "Attach to an Agency character." Uhhhh...shouldn't that be an Agency card? For that matter, why are Prize Pistol and Daybreak! (another card that would seem to fit with general Agency strategies) jammed right after Agency cards, and not at the end of the pack with the rest of the grays, like FFG has ALWAYS done? Were these cards going to be Agency cards, and FFG changed their minds at the last minute? Or is this another Steve Clarney misprint?

hmmm dont know but as a neautral is dosent need a match on the domain so that may help, but i see where youre coming from happy.gif

Sure prize pistol is may be a misprint but it's not a problem for the game. It doesn't provide a resource match, but the card text can be played.

Day break is a neutral card. (you had 6 neutrals card in the first pack, you have 6 neutrals card here, and I beg you will have 6 neutral cards in the next pack, etc.), why it's not at the end of the pack, it's a mistery...

My guess, they were supposed to be Agency but play them as Neutral.

Clarney's revenge!