Error on General Dugalle?

By Lokeus, in StarCraft

Got a question about the UED Leadership Cards

The Hero "General Dugalle" says "When it is present at the start of a battle opposing non-cloaking units that retreat or withdraw are instead destroyed."

Is this correct or a print error? I think the hero is a little bit weak in this way, because in offense the defender often don`t survive at all with any units, so this ability is primary used while defending, am i right?

And the excluding of cloaking units make the hero even more useless.

Its pritty good.

If attacker cannot kill ALL (except supporters) it must retreat. So enemy is putting "all in" what comes to cards when he is attacking that hero. ;)

In offensive, he may easily eliminate oppotent's Assist units thanks to his ability.

And while you defending, don't forget to build a Defensive module and appropriate units (especially other BCs or Wraiths). Without powerfull anti-air units & cards, attacking the area with that hero will be a suicide then. In best case, you will need lots of Mobilize orders to conquer it.

cyb3k: your argument are absolutely correct when i think about it, haven`t play dugalle until now yet. Especially with the combination with defend module the +1 health cruiser will rock - especially when enemy is going to retreat, this really can hurt. But i played BW on PC a lot of time and think this is a strange way to reveal dugalle in the board game, though dugalle always was a very offensive thinking charakter with the idea of conquering and in direct comparison with other heroes of SC:BW i wouldn`t take him for attacking. And i am attacking a lot ;)